Treating Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)

Use the  15/15 rule to treat low blood sugar.

When you feel symptoms of a low blood sugar, follow these procedures:

  • If possible check your blood sugar
  • If your number is low, take 15 grams  of  “quick acting”  carbohydrate such as 5 ounces regular soda or 4 ounces fruit juice or 4 glucose tablets.
  • Wait 15 minutes. Recheck blood sugar.

If your blood sugar is still low, Take another 15 grams of ” quick acting”  carbohydrate.

  • Wait 15 minutes more and test again.

If your blood glucose remains too low after three treatments, call your healthcare provider or have someone drive you to the hospital emergency room.

  • Once your blood sugar is stable, follow with a meal or a snack, such as a glass milk and 1/2 sandwhich. .

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  1. State 4 ounces of sweetened fruit juice for 15/15 treatment rule. I have had patients who used unsweetened fruit juice.
    Love the site
    All the best with camp this year.

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