Camp Yellow Bird is a summer camp for children and adolescent with diabetes between the ages 6-18 years old. Camp provide a unique experience for it’s’ campers to socialize with their peers and learn about this chronic disease.

There is no cure for diabetes and it is currently the fourth leading cause of death in Jamaica. An increasing number of children are diagnosed with the condition each year so we have made a commitment to help to improve the quality of life for each child recognizing that this chronic disease will transition into their adult lives. Each summer we take them to camp:

  • Teaching them to manage their diabetes and achieve their full potential.
  • Meet other children in their age group, who share similar challenges.
  • Develop a positive self esteem.
  • Have fun in a safe and clean environment.

Camp Yellow Bird is strictly a non-profit organization and the only one of its kind in Jamaica and one of largest in the Caribbean. We are funded by our cooperate partners, volunteers and well wishers like you.

Each year it has become increasingly challenging for Camp Yellow Bird to continue to offer its service due to escalating cost and the demand. We have grown by approximately 20% year to year and within 2009 seeing a request for approximately one hundred campers which we could not facilitate.

Please consider the children with diabetes and help them experience the endless possibilities found at camp. Kindly contact us at 876.925.3365 or 876.925.5049 and/or send us your contact details on the contact page.

Thank you for your continued support.

Camp Yellow Bird.